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New Grades - Continuing Education

In January 2016, all of the maple producing regions including Canada and the US are now required to use the new grading system. It's taken a few months for us as well to acquaint ourselves with the new terms for each grade. We now use the terms, Golden, Amber, Dark Robust, and Very Dark to describe the different grades of pure maple syrup. The poster above created by the NH Maple Producers Association shows how the old and new descriptive grade terms compare. We have some flyers to help you become familiar with the new grades. Hope to see you soon. We do not have any Very Dark Syrup on hand, but we do have all other grades.

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Pure Maple - Outstanding Flavor and Versatile

         We offer many types of Maple products. Our Maple Sampler (photo at left) includes a quart of syrup, a box of maple sugar candy, and one pound of maple cream. The middle photo above shows a new glass bottle we are offering. It's called the NH Gallone (100ml).  Maple Syrup is such a versatile product. You can produce different pure maple products just by bringing the finished syrup to different temperatures and using some different finishing techniques. For example: Maple cream (photo at right) involves, heating syrup, then cooling it, then stirring the cooled syrup until it turns into the popular maple spread. Recently, we purchased a new machine to help with our maple cream production. The upgraded...

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Sugar Season Underway

It's that time of year again, when the beautiful process of making pure maple syrup happens. Windswept Maples will be open weekends through the end of March from 10 to 4 for public touring, sales of maple products and more. If you've been out before, you can attest to how children love to meet the farm animals and taste our syrup. If you have yet to visit the farm, you are in for a treat. We have cows and sheep for show along with a family of expert sugarmakers who can explain the maple process and answer any questions you have. Windswept Maples has been family owned and operated for over 200 years, and we would love to show you...

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