Pure Maple - Outstanding Flavor and Versatile


We offer many types of Maple products. Our Maple Sampler (photo at left) includes a quart of syrup, a box of maple sugar candy, and one pound of maple cream. The middle photo above shows a new glass bottle we are offering. It's called the NH Gallone (100ml). 

Maple Syrup is such a versatile product. You can produce different pure maple products just by bringing the finished syrup to different temperatures and using some different finishing techniques. For example: Maple cream (photo at right) involves, heating syrup, then cooling it, then stirring the cooled syrup until it turns into the popular maple spread. Recently, we purchased a new machine to help with our maple cream production. The upgraded machine allows us to make a little bigger batch, plus we are very happy with the quality of the final product.

At a Maple Conference last year, we saw a new product demonstrated that made the job of making granulated maple syrup a little easier. This unit is a stainless steel sieve that helped produce a uniform product. It measures approximately 12" x 18". The sieve sits on top of a stainless steel pan that holds the granulated sugar. Be sure to enjoy the great variety of pure maple products that are available.