About Windswept Maples

At a time when many family farms are disappearing across the northeast, we are proud to continue operating a farm that was originally settled in 1780. Eight generations of the Moore family have raised animals, grown crops, and cared for the beautiful property we call home. Look close on your first visit to the farm, and you’ll witness the tales of old contained in the winding stone walls, magnificent maple trees, and traditional post-and-beam barns. We value our history at Windswept Maples, and while over the years we have added new products and modernized our production methods, our focus continues to be on family farming that produces great local food.

Today, we grow many fresh vegetables, use our open fields to raise beef cows and sheep, and continue the sweet New England tradition of making pure maple syrup. In a day where much of what we eat is shipped from around the globe, Windswept Maples Farm is a source of fresh, locally grown food that you can feel good about. As a family operation, we know first hand the hard work and constant care that goes into raising animals and growing crops, and we believe this extra effort makes everything taste just a little bit better.