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Maple Syrup - A Baking Ingredient to Love

     Pure maple syrup is a delightful ingredient. It’s versatile and imparts great flavor to all baked goods. Once my goal was to bake my way through most of the recipes featured in my maple syrup cookbooks. My two favorite books are NH Maple Recipes and Simply Maple from the Ontario Maple Producers. The notes I left in the margins show I made a good effort. Naturally the breads, bars, cookies, and muffins earned starred reviews. I leave a date by each recipe to show if it's a recipe I’ve made recently. To boost my chances for future success, I record comments about the ingredients or if the baking time in the oven was accurate. According to my notes, maple...

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Tapping Continues...

Today the woods crew worked a little harder drilling taps. The 6 inches of snow that arrived Friday, Feb. 5 made the walking from tree to tree more of a work out, but still agreeable. It was sunny today and pleasant to be outside. The warm temperatures during the first week of February triggered a sap flow.  Syrup was made Thursday night, Feb. 4th. In the sheep barn, two sets of twins were born tonight. These twins were bright and eager to get up and going. A shepherd's delight.

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Pure Maple - Outstanding Flavor and Versatile

         We offer many types of Maple products. Our Maple Sampler (photo at left) includes a quart of syrup, a box of maple sugar candy, and one pound of maple cream. The middle photo above shows a new glass bottle we are offering. It's called the NH Gallone (100ml).  Maple Syrup is such a versatile product. You can produce different pure maple products just by bringing the finished syrup to different temperatures and using some different finishing techniques. For example: Maple cream (photo at right) involves, heating syrup, then cooling it, then stirring the cooled syrup until it turns into the popular maple spread. Recently, we purchased a new machine to help with our maple cream production. The upgraded...

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