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New Grades - Continuing Education

In January 2016, all of the maple producing regions including Canada and the US are now required to use the new grading system. It's taken a few months for us as well to acquaint ourselves with the new terms for each grade. We now use the terms, Golden, Amber, Dark Robust, and Very Dark to describe the different grades of pure maple syrup. The poster above created by the NH Maple Producers Association shows how the old and new descriptive grade terms compare. We have some flyers to help you become familiar with the new grades. Hope to see you soon. We do not have any Very Dark Syrup on hand, but we do have all other grades.

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Summer Maple Meetings

During the summer months, we enjoy the chance to take part in regional and state maple meetings. The NH Maple Producers Association Summer Meeting is a good chance to get together with other producers from around the state and hear updates on the maple industry. Typically the members also discuss the upcoming fair season and how to staff the sugarhouses at Deerfield Fair, Hopkinton Fair, and the Eastern States Expo in Springfield Mass. Larry and Jeff are always interested to work at the fairs to meet people and answer questions about maple syrup. They have been participating in these events for several years now. In Northern Vermont, there is a Maplerama event for producers. Even though it's off-season, the sugarmakers...

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