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Sugar Season Underway

It's that time of year again, when the beautiful process of making pure maple syrup happens. Windswept Maples will be open weekends through the end of March from 10 to 4 for public touring, sales of maple products and more. If you've been out before, you can attest to how children love to meet the farm animals and taste our syrup. If you have yet to visit the farm, you are in for a treat. We have cows and sheep for show along with a family of expert sugarmakers who can explain the maple process and answer any questions you have. Windswept Maples has been family owned and operated for over 200 years, and we would love to show you...

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Production update

Ideal sugaring weather helped us make a significant amount of syrup this weekend. After several freezing nights last week, a warm stretch began Thursday night and launched the biggest run of sap we have had thus far in 2011. Boiling for at least seven hours each day we produced 135, 115, and 110 gallons on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday respectively. Friday and Saturday's syrup was virtually all grade A light amber, and Sunday we made mostly medium amber. The weekend production pushed our season total up and over 500 gallons. Our goal when we began the season was 2000 gallons, so we are currently more than a quarter of the way there. Stay tuned as we seek our 2000th gallon...

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First Boil of 2011

The boiling season started in a big way today. After a weekend of rain and warm weather, the trees started their first significant sap run of the season. Sap was collected from each of our four sugaring orchards and we started boiling late in the afternoon. We had enough sap to boil for several hours and finished the night with over seventy five gallons of pure maple syrup. As a general rule, syrup made at the start of a season is lighter in color than syrup made later in the season. This held true Sunday night, as all but the first few gallons were a beautiful medium amber. After a late start to the 2011 season we were excited to...

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