Wood Fired Sugaring

Sugarmakers today burn either wood or oil to produce the energy required to boil sap down into syrup. There are advantages to each method but at Windswept Maples we have always used wood as our fuel source for sugaring. Burning wood has made the most sense for us because it is a resource we have on our own property, and every year we have to cut up limbs and trees that have blown down on our tubing lines anyways. In addition to being a cost conscious decision, we burn wood because everyone enjoys loading the firebox while we are boiling. "Firing the evaporator" is always a sought after job on a breezy day in March, and one that usually draws lots of "oohs and ahhs" from any visitors that are admiring the fire. To see photos of the fire that heats our evaporator click the link below. Photos of the Fire