Season Wrap-up: 1702 gallons

Sugaring season has come to a close at Windswept Maples Farm. This year's total production was 1,702 gallons of pure maple syrup. While this represents the most syrup we have made in a season, an increase in taps this year means that actual production per tap was down compared to 2009. In 2010 we tapped approximately 5000 trees, boiling for the first time on February 21st. Our last day of boiling this year was March 31st. Overall 2010 was a productive season and we would like to thank all who were a part of it. We will have all grades of syrup available throughout the year at the farm, and can also ship it across the U.S. For more information, or to place an order, email us at or call 603-267-8492.